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Couple Day Exchange Empty Couple Day Exchange

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:14 am

100 day + 2000 coin exchange to 1000day
1000day + 5000 coin exchange to 4000day
4000day + 12000 coin exchange to 8000day
8000day + 20000 coin exchange to 12000day
12000day + 40000 coin exchange to 20000day

Couple Day Exchange 4000a10
Couple Day Exchange 8000a10
Couple Day Exchange 1200a10
Couple Day Exchange 2000a10

If coupler getting above day, want to Hold wedding event, Organizers will present as below :
4000day Rewards 2 Set Doll's Clothes +9
8000day Rewards 2 Set Wedding dress +9
12000day Rewards 2 Set elf Set +9
20000day Rewards 2 Set Evening dress suit +9


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