The all PK tournament Universal Ordinance:

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The all PK tournament Universal Ordinance: Empty The all PK tournament Universal Ordinance:

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The all PK tournament Universal Ordinance:
1) Participants must be 15 minutes early to enter the collection at the venue (entrance), late when abstaining
2) disconnection, 3D all as abstention, the attention of the players themselves
3) You may not use a third party program, may not use the pet coat, all violations of the act will be listed as the General Assembly is not respected, the title three days
4) the presence of the concept of race players can not verbally abusive contestants and organizers, otherwise the title three days
5) If it is malicious escape the way the competition. GM reserves the right to be disqualified on the spot
5) contestants physical only limited to 300 bodies a maximum of
6) Participants must expose their own equipment just to show the collection may not change the equipment until the end of the game so far
7) time of 15 minutes per game, of which GM will announce DGDM showdown unrestricted. [Individual competition]


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