GSPS next reform the mode of operation (14-11-2012)

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GSPS next reform the mode of operation (14-11-2012) Empty GSPS next reform the mode of operation (14-11-2012)

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:43 am

GSPS next reform the mode of operation, the following reform notify:

1) Every Saturday and Sunday is not going to send reward or exchange item.
2) Players can choose not "Donation" to play, GSPS provide Free coins [60 points one hour], Server is definitely not force players Donation and also does not allow players to "cash" Trading, otherwise will ban ID.
3) The player can not thru Donation and bargain on GM or administrator, or requires excessive enquiry, "all Donation is accordingly notice indicates, We are no tend to help Player, Or shall not answer the donation problem without in list.
4) During Daytime´╝î We will conduct a series of tests and research, to enhance the quality and playability of the server, so players not in front of the computer, Please do not hang up.
5) All players can only apply for three ID, ID is can not transfer or trading. In addition, existing players must [Every month online activation IP], if not the ID will be removed at the end of the month, in order to reduce the burden on the database.
6) only accept player recommendations, and other complaints please pass on the video OR Picture as a proof, Submited evidence for bug is correct will get 500-Coin. Do not false. It will not be for the players to answer the problem does not belong to the system, in order to reduce the burden on the administrator.
7) Report players "CASH" transactions, Will get 1000 - 5000coin as bonus.
Cool malicious rumors or to make servers injury, Permanent Ban id, not to explain.
9) own account at your own protection and others, do not share the account or the equipment loaned to others, no lost without responsibility. Transactions especially in more places, it is very dangerous, stolen outside compensation by people not seen, or people to sell, or point equipment burst or lost no intention of NPC like, do not look for administrator.

Finally, the service just want to tell the existing players,GSPS open service has been 7 months, We are not only responsibility to player but also had a feeling, administrators being discuss the server when the transformation we want to give the player a surprise, so you have fun and proud of playing in GSPS, instead play unhappy and complaining.

Download site:
Client : file/s1wchpt10x51018/Seal_Generation_Private_Server_Client.exe [non launcher]
Launcher : file/bsdqee3d43b6qru/BubbleGum_Seal_Online_(English_Version).rar
Item Edp : file/l8j01ji6cd9h3gc/item.edp ´╝łEnglish Version)

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