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Generation Seal private Server introduce Empty Generation Seal private Server introduce

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For Player help to Promotion will get 500coin per Linking promotion

Generation Seal private Server - Bilingual Edition [Chinese and English]
Generation Seal private Server Downloads:
Generation Seal private Server:

[Server Settings]
Experience magnification of 20 times, plus 150% mall experience Rate
Drop rate magnification 20 times, plus 150% of the mall Drop Rate

[Server features]
♥ Build Role will get XG +7 primary school uniforms. G+ 9 small demon wings and specially crafted weapons +0 , oValkyrie +9 ,prestige 200,000. The characters created also can get 1000W game currency from administrator.
♥ Game Mall items are 99% free , To eliminating the need of players which only can look at the official but expensive to buy in official.
♥ bilingual version and international line
♥ Generation Seal private Server: create a reform Edition Newbie Town, Fallen domain Place, underground King City map, new BOSS, new equipment, and so on.
♥ Game the fixed activities include occasional surprise activities let you into the game and never boring yo.
♥ Generation Seal private Server customer service team all-weather answer for all players and services, to create 24 hours of high-quality customer service.
♥ BOSS intimate design and multi-set eating BOSS areas, the players dismissed can not find the new suffering and eat BOSS BOSS fun.
♥ Generation Seal private Server strengthen the official game of the occupation is not balanced part of another to modify the occupational balance.
♥ Generation Seal private Server open service for six months, the true intentions of the business for a long time to come, in addition to fixed-site advertising other open advertising awards.
♥ Generation Seal private Server will given method in the game can redeem weapon and armor , the players can forbear toilful making weapon and armor in game.
♥ Generation Seal private Server give players a Free coin , then do not spend so much money , players can have a web item, just need spend time and effort to able to get what you want.

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