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Post  Admin on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:01 am

Dear All GSPS
1) All item in webmall under "Toy" is cannot G of procedures.
2) All item buying in webmall not refundable.
3) About: albereo toolbox2 burst rate of 0.01% Server all no responsibility for albereo toolbox2 burst Reason, Player which using this tools box should be carefully.
3) Dun lie to Gm and PM GM in game, any question please asking in FB or QQ as a prove for chating.
4) Dun give id and password to Gm in game, only can give in fb or QQ as a prove
5) Pet die investigate need 5000coin for asking recover, 1 id only can asking for 1 time
6) Item loss or explode by player careless should be paid 5000coin for investigate and compensation also same 1 id only 1 time for asking.

To All GSPS :
After 2rd Reborning, You can find Gm to Adjustment level to 150, then you need go to Web : >> Reset status to rebate status point

Game Reference Website / Game referensi Website
(All information please refer


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